About KaJAM?

KajamBand was created back in 2006 as a TV show treatment and pitched to CBS and VH1. Well, that idea did not catch on fire. That’s when Kajamband morphed into the Thursday Night music Club performing in several locations in The Philly suburban area. That was a year long venture with some great combinations of players and some moments of magic (within hours of music).


Well, after a year of Thursdays, and a steady but non-growing group of fans and players, we decided it was time to move on. An occasional gig here and there, and of course the players all found musical homes as they always do.


Moving forward to 2020. Music is timeless and like Friends, Family, Pets, and Passions it's what moves you and makes you happy. However, due to the surreal world we are living in (COVID-19), there are no more music venues or places to gather and enjoy music with friends and fans. That being said, since March 2, 2020 musicians / artists /people / companies/ families have been trying to find alternative ways to share their creativity and to collaborate on projects safely. This creative process has not stopped, it's actually increased because, it can turn off all the noise around you allowing you to channel your music and message that needs to be heard.


So, Back to Kajamband, it’s time to reinvent Kajamband.com as a digital hub for musicians/ fans/ writers and creative music lovers to have a presence to link to their pages for music and news, a place for song writers / lyricists / arrangers / video content creators to meet/ collaborate and present their artistry to the music community and hopefully expand their fanbase.


So, as we are ramp up the next chapter of KajamBand, let’s meet up and share some music. This site will continue to evolve. I hope you become part of the Kajam Nation.

Contact us at: